Monday, December 1, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


so, this summer i got the chance to design with the showtime channel on the show californication (starring david duchovony). it was incredibly time consuming and painful and awesome, because now- the fruit of my labor is ready to be picked!!


if you click on each individual product you will see the most glorious thing on the internet.

it's amazingly exciting and tear jerking and definitely worthy of booty shaking!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Architecture in Helsinki!


architecture in helsinki's stop action EMBROIDERY video for "like it or not".


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Election Season!

How great is it that we are privileged to live in a country where we can participate in our government? Even though I think I would make a g r e a t president of the united states, it's probably not going to happen (just imagine how bangin' the white house interior would be, we'd have the best designed country). i'm rooting for obama (hello universal health care)- and i think you should too, but party lines aside, it's incredibly important to VOTE! voting is CRUCIAL to the process (the argument about voting being useless because of the electoral college is w e a k). i've been volunteering with the democratic headquarters here in savannah- and i'm going to start helping register voters this SATURDAY (july 26) when HOWARD DEAN is going to be speaking at the YMCA at 110 May St. how exciting! i have a bunch of registration forms and would be happy to register you!

ALSO: SCAD STUDENTS! did you know that if you're going to school here in GA, you can register to vote here? that's so great because a) you won't have to deal with absentee ballots b) you get to actually go to the polls (which i love) and c) you get an I VOTED! sticker to cherish forever.

for realsies let me register you for nov. 4! it's historic!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it's the little things

lately, i've been feeling like i've been in at the bottom of an uncreative ditch. i know i'm capable of making some neat things, but i just need to get out of this ditch. i've been thinking about this a lot lately and i think there are some things i'm doing that aren't helping matters much. so i will remedy them as follows:

1. drop the remote (even if there is a two day project runway marathon. no one human being needs that much project runway)
*remedy: listen to more music (hello, the new girl talk is bangin) and catch up on my podcasts (radiolab is supposed to have it's fifth season premiered soon, i can't wait!)

2. ma'am, step away from the internet (ohnotheydidnt! is not necessary in life)
*remedy: read a design book or research an artist or clean things that are dirty

3. command+q the photoshop//indesign (my retina's need a break)
*remedy: instead of playing tetris in my spare time, i'll hop on my new sewing machine and bang out something that's fun to make.

so, i hope this works. if you have any ideas on how to get out of a creative block let a sister know, i think i need all the help i can get.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

and it's been two years

so, i have this terrible addiction. i'm not proud, and i really can't help it. grey's anatomy is like my crystal meth. usually between seasons, is when my heart gets to recuperate from the trauma that the 24 or so episodes caused. unfortunately, i rediscovered the season two dvd on my search three nights ago looking for a dvd to watch. undoubtedly, season two is the BEST season, and for one and only reason. this man's name is denny duquette and he is my hero. he was admitted to seattle grace hospital because his heart was failing and he needed a new one. and then the writers of grey's anatomy thought that it would be a great idea to kill denny off, and i'm sure it was so i would cry and cry and cry and cry because denny was so great. he loved scrabble and sweaters and izzie stevens. oh he is so great! rip denny duquette loveyouxoxxoxxxx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

stuff kendall does

i'd like to take the time to introduce a new segment i'm going to call "stuff kendall does". kendall is my roommate and she does some pretty funny stuff. well, actually i think that this particular installment should be named, "stuff despina did to kendall". backstory: when in our apartment, one cannot get to the kitchen without going through my room- the layout is kind of jacked. one night a couple of weeks (or months?) ago i decided i wanted some privacy. my only problem was that kendall was using the kitchen at the time. so i dragged my dresser in front the kitchen double doors and documented the hilarity. until she started throwing things