Tuesday, July 15, 2008

and it's been two years

so, i have this terrible addiction. i'm not proud, and i really can't help it. grey's anatomy is like my crystal meth. usually between seasons, is when my heart gets to recuperate from the trauma that the 24 or so episodes caused. unfortunately, i rediscovered the season two dvd on my search three nights ago looking for a dvd to watch. undoubtedly, season two is the BEST season, and for one and only reason. this man's name is denny duquette and he is my hero. he was admitted to seattle grace hospital because his heart was failing and he needed a new one. and then the writers of grey's anatomy thought that it would be a great idea to kill denny off, and i'm sure it was so i would cry and cry and cry and cry because denny was so great. he loved scrabble and sweaters and izzie stevens. oh he is so great! rip denny duquette loveyouxoxxoxxxx