Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Election Season!

How great is it that we are privileged to live in a country where we can participate in our government? Even though I think I would make a g r e a t president of the united states, it's probably not going to happen (just imagine how bangin' the white house interior would be, we'd have the best designed country). i'm rooting for obama (hello universal health care)- and i think you should too, but party lines aside, it's incredibly important to VOTE! voting is CRUCIAL to the process (the argument about voting being useless because of the electoral college is w e a k). i've been volunteering with the democratic headquarters here in savannah- and i'm going to start helping register voters this SATURDAY (july 26) when HOWARD DEAN is going to be speaking at the YMCA at 110 May St. how exciting! i have a bunch of registration forms and would be happy to register you!

ALSO: SCAD STUDENTS! did you know that if you're going to school here in GA, you can register to vote here? that's so great because a) you won't have to deal with absentee ballots b) you get to actually go to the polls (which i love) and c) you get an I VOTED! sticker to cherish forever.

for realsies let me register you for nov. 4! it's historic!